Dealing with Woodworm

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How To.....get rid of woodworm

  You can treat woodworm yourself,
you only need basic DIY skills and the know how supplied in this guide.
Save hundreds of pounds (thousands in some cases) Instead of getting the Big Companies in with their massive prices.
Using the advice in this guide a typical 2 bed house can be treated for less than £120.00 including the cost of the guide and all materials.
Complete with a printable treatment certificate to pass on to the new owner if selling your house, this really is a one stop shop for woodworm eradication.
A definitive guide to getting rid of woodworm. This report written by an ex Rentokil Surveyor who has specified hundreds of woodworm contracts and provided the written instructions for the Rentokil Technicians explains
 how you can stop woodworm eating your home or property, step by step with pictures, diagrams and links to enviromentally fiendly professional products needed for the job. Also included is a printable health and safety guide, product coshh sheet and treatment warning notice. With the info in this guide you could almost start your own business....
Pricing: GBP...9.97 - Ref: WW1

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